Antonio Herrera
Creator of design solutions for happier lives.
Senior Visual Designer – Focused on branding, user experience and visual design.
Born in Venezuela in 1989. Designing since 2009. Evolving in Switzerland since 2012.
Humans, dancing and travelling inspire me to design.
I sense people's needs to interact in every journey with them. So, I identify and develop value. Then, in an iterative matrix of human-centred approaches, I solve complex problems. I look from different perspectives and think to ideate concepts. Also, I ease workflows to design value for users from within.
I create design solutions for people and communicate their value to engage the senses and build trust.
Experienced in designing brand identities, digital experiences, editorial publications, events, interior design concepts and design processes. Also, in multi-disciplinary and cross-collaborative frameworks. 
Contact me. I'm happy to co-create with you.
Phone: +41791368142
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