Shades of blue
Editorial Design
An exploration of the blue colour – Blue is such a powerful colour, sometimes subtle and sometimes dominant. It’s one of the colours people see most and that is what inspired me to create this independent project. 

Layout and Photography
Role: Designer
Year: 2020
Project initiative by Antonio Herrera
For the Royal Collage of Art in London, I designed this publication to display and create awareness of the presence and meanings the colour blue may have in our everyday life. I played with typography, language, my translations and my interpretation of the blue colour, adding abstract images to invite others to sense the blues. 
To build new associations and enhance its meaning, I research not only the colour, but also the word "blue".  In the spreads, I included a collection of abstract photos taken by me in places where I see the blues. 
For the front and back cover, I used the typeface Common Sans and "Phase" a generative type designed by Elias Hanzer. The words blue, blau (de) and azul (es) are laid out and overlapped in an abstract form to give the cover a courageous character.

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