Brand Identity Design, Visual Design, Creative Direction

A global challenge requires global solutions. HackZürich, ETH Zurich and numerous partners call on the world's brightest minds to work together in a 72-hour non-profit online hackathon to fight the COVID19 crisis. Together with a multidisciplinary team, we developed "Balancever", an app to find balance throughout the workday
Hackathon: #CodeVsCovid19
Project: Initiative by Antonio Herrera
Year: 2020

Creative Direction: Antonio Herrera
Visual Design: Francesca Sanfilippo, Antonio Herrera 
Concept Development: Flutra Ademi
Business Design: Simon Hall
Data Science: Linn Bieske
We prototyped a mobile app to help users structure workdays effectively, including what to do during breaks. Users (students and professionals) can add different activities to their schedule, track and compare their daily workload and what they do during break times with the score chart provided.

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